“Good Manners | Have Manners Gone To The Dogs?”

Today I went to the mall and picked up a few items, paid a couple bills via western union and bought a take-away lunch for me and my wife. After we finished we entered the mall’s elevator to return to our car.

In the elevator, we met a mature man about 65 years old and a young woman who looked around 23 years old. Upon entry my 4 yr. old daughter clearly and enthusiastically, said “Good Afternoon.” But neither of the two adult elevator passengers, responded.

The mature gentleman just looked down at her and smiled, when she said ‘Good Afternoon’, and the young woman’s face was as serious as a bull and sour like a lemon.

Where have our manners and respect for others gone?

I don’t know if those individuals were in such speechless shock that a 4 yr. old child would demonstrate manners, which is seriously lacking among people in society, today, that they were unresponsive; or if it was just a case of pure mannerlessness.

I too, have personally experienced this several times (and I am certain you have, too) when I showed good manners to others: At the bank, when shopping at the grocery, when entering a taxi, when buying items at stores (Customer service stinks in most businesses. I am certain you could attest to this)…

What has happened over the years?

I remember when growing up we were taught to say to others, simple terms like,

‘Good Morning’

‘Good Afternoon’


‘Excuse me’


‘Thank You’…

Can we return to those early years in the way we were taught to speak to and treat each other?

Good manners shows respect, proper Brought-Up-See, Care….etc.

P.S. Even the dogs show more care for humans, than humans show for their own kind.


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