How to enter Text in Word 2010, how to select, delete text…

How to Enter Text in Word 2010

It is easy to enter text in a Word document – Just begin typing what you want to see on your document, and the text will appear to the left of the insertion point when you begin typing. When the insertion point reaches the end of the line, it will automatically go to the next line. If you want to go to a next paragraph – just press the ‘Enter’ key on your computer keyboard.

See Diagrams below:

typing text - 1


typing text - 2


You can use the Spacebar on your keyboard to create single spaces between words in your document. Or you can use the ‘Tab’ key on your computer keyboard to create spaces that are 0.5” (half-an-inch) between the words in your document.  But more on this in later lessons.


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