Have you ever wondered about the true benefits of organic food? Is organic food better or worse for you?

Here are a few reasons why Organic food is better for you, for us, for mankind:


  1. Organic foods contains less pesticides than non-organic foods. Pesticides is never good for you. The purpose of pesticides is to kill – to kill pests. And ingesting that in your system speaks trouble.

  1. The second Benefit of Organic Food is: Organic Foods are usually fresher than non-organic foods which contains preservatives to ensure it last long on the shelves before spoiling. Since organic foods has no preservatives it means that they have to be bought, eaten and replaced quickly. As such, they would have to be fresher than non-organic foods.


  1. Animals which are grown organically are not injected with probiotics to make them bigger and fatter, faster than usual. Probiotics is not good for human consumption just like pesticides are not good for us to consume.

There are other benefit of organic food which I have not mentioned in this article but will include them in future updates.