all things work together for goodAre you encountering problems one after another and don’t know what to do? Know, all things work together for good, to them that love God…Romans 8: 28

Maybe you have prayed and cried and pleaded with God to help you out of all these trials, and nothing seemed to happen. 

The trials appeared to intensify – It looked like things got worse. 

If you are going through trials with no apparent end in sight, please remember, “Things are working together for your good, once you love God.”

“Do you mean these trials and problems are busy aligning events and situations to benefit me, Roger?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. 

And if you are walking uprightly before the Lord, daily, and are not haboring sin or living in sin or unforgiveness, then these trials are working on your behalf. And its purpose is to make you more like Christ, to help you grow to maturity, and to prepare you for a specific ministry. 

What to do when you are encountering these turn of events?

Praise, Praise, Praise God…not for the trials but for the good they are designed to give to you.  

Turn your eyes away from these calamities and fix it on the Lord in praise, worship, love and adoration. And it won’t be long before these trials come to an end, and your eyes are opened to see exactly how they were organized to help you. 

I know from many experiences, even while I am typing these words, that no trial last forever…they all come to pass. And the darkness will pass, the clouds will blow away, and you will soon see the light on the other side….and understand the purpose for these adversities. And how they have worked together for your good.