Insomnia: 7 Treatments for Insomnia


What are the Causes and Treatments for Insomnia:


It has been recorded that at least 30 million persons suffer from insomnia in the U.S.

Can you think how large that figure would be if we also include insomnia sufferers, worldwide?

Are you one of them…Tossing and turning on the bed, trying to be as discreet, as possible, without disturbing your wife / husband?

Many things can cause insomnia:


1. Sickness

2.  Worries & Fears

3.  Poor Eating – Your body lacking essential ingredients which can help to induce sleep. Research has revealed that insomniacs, when examined, have shown deficiencies of: Zinc, B-Complex, Vitamin C, D, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium.

4.  Constipation

5.  Overeating at night

6.  Depression


(Some people try to use the relief they feel would give them help, fast, like: Sleeping Pills. This is not a relief I would advocate. It’s better and safer to use the suggested help I have outlined below)


If you are a sufferer of insomnia, then these seven (7) suggestions may help you:


1.  Avoid stimulating items, at night, like: coffee, nicotine,chocolate,etc.

2.  Ensure you have a well-ventilated room – Keep your room free from clutter.

3.  Don’t eat heavy meals at night.

4.  Don’t watch violent or disturbing movies at night. Focus on light, happy things. Probably seeing yourself on the Beach enjoying the sun, sand and water.

5.  You can also try drinking warm milk.

6.  Check under your bed – Clean under your bed. Don’t store dust and other things under your bed.

7.  Don’t take early naps in the day, unless you work at nights.


I trust this information have helped you, and you can report sleeping success, very soon.


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