Here are “3 Tips for Parents” I am sure you would find entertaining and informative.

Today, my 4 yr. old daughter, Karisse, was playing with her made-up cooking set: Old pieces of paper, about a half cup of dry black eye peas and other misc. items I couldn’t identify…while I was in the kitchen having breakfast with my wife.


After a couple of minutes, she came running into the kitchen to wash her hands in the face-basin, there.

I asked her what happened. She told me she got her hands dirty and needed to wash them.

Upon investigation, I realized she poured three small bottles containing a soap liquid which is used to make bubbles…into the the plastic container housing her ‘cooking’ ingredients. It overflowed on to the couch and the floor. And not only so, but I also saw portions of black-eyes peas scattered across the floor. How it got there – I don’t know.

Anyhow, I did ask her why she poured these 3 bottles of liquid soap into the plastic container with her ‘cooking’ ingredients, inside.

Her response was: “Dad, the pink bottle was olive oil, the blue one was wine, and the red one was ‘champee’ (her pronunciation for champagne). I had to use it to cook.”

That was her reply and explanation.

What could I say…I just laughed.

Is Parenting a boring responsibility?

Of course not!

It is always filled with new adventures and opportunities. Opportunities to be a role-model parent…A very patient, creative and light-hearted one, as well.

What Tips can I give Parents of such innovative children?

  • Be Patient with your child – Remember, they don’t know right from wrong, unless you teach them. But do so patiently and calmly.
  • Turn ‘so called’ challenging situations into learning experiences.
  • Be light-hearted when it comes to children. I am not saying not to implement discipline when it is necessary. But you must know what requires discipline and what warrants a ‘good laugh’; and probably a picture or two to remember the moments.

Parenting can be easy. But it starts with ‘Choice’ – You must first choose to make parenting easy.


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