11 Benefits of Epsom Salts

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What is Epsom salts?

Epsom Salts is also known as Magnesium Sulphate: MgSO4

For years now, Epsom salts has been used to bring specific relief in many ways.


Here are 11 Ways You can Use Epsom salts to Benefit You:

epsom salts1.   To help relax your aching muscles, tired nerves and sore feet…removing foot
odours, as well – Can you imagine how that would feel?

I always knew that soaking in a tub full of hot water with a few cups of Epsom salts was good for relaxing muscles and drawing toxins from the body, since Epsom salts made of the mineral magnesium sulphate are a sedative for the nervous system.

When magnesium sulphate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, and is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more.

How Epsom Salts can soothe tired muscles.

sore feet

* Foot Soak Soothe aches, remove odours, and soften rough skin with a foot soak. Add 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt to a large pan of warm water. Soak feet for as long as it feels right. Rinse and dry.

* Soak Sprains and Bruises Epsom Salt will reduce the swelling of sprains and bruises. Add 2 cups Epsom Salt to a warm bath, and soak.

To get rid of Boils – those things that make your hand or foot look ugly and

tree trunk3.  
It can cause old tree trunks to die.

It can be used to be breed life into your yellowing houseplants.

You can also use Epsom salts to remove tough stains from tiles and burnt stains
from pots and pans.

tomato plant6.  
Epsom salts is used by gardeners to cause Tomato Plants to thrive – You can
probably try it in your own home garden.

People also use Epsom salts as a fertilizer.

Use Epsom salts to clean the skin on your face.

face maskHere is a recipe for making a skin-mask with Epsom salts to clean your face:

Homemade skin mask: Apply the mask to damp skin. For normal to oily skin, mix 1 tablespoon of cognac, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of non-fat dry milk, the juice of 1 lemon, and a half teaspoon of Epsom salt.

For normal to dry skin, mix 1/4 cup of grated carrot, 1 1/2 teaspoons of
mayonnaise and a half teaspoon of Epsom salt. This simple honey facemask works
wonders as well.


Use Epsom salts to remove Excess Oil from your Hair

* To remove excess oil from your hair – Add 9 tablespoons of Epsom Salt to 1/2 cup of
oily hair shampoo. Apply one tablespoon of the liquid to your hair when it is dry; rinse with cold water. Pour lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar through the hair, leave on for 5 to10 minutes, and then rinse.


As a Laxative – One of the main uses of Epsom Salts is as a Laxative. If you use
Epsom Salts for this purpose make sure you go nowhere for the entire day – Stay
at home.

Many people use Epsom salts to treat their constipation – Epsom salts work like a laxative…The salts can be mixed with water and taken orally or used in an enema. Epsom salts operate by increasing water in the intestines and they can bring temporary
relief to someone suffering from constipation. However, there are dangers in using Epsom salts to relieve constipation.

Epsom salt is just a trade name for magnesium sulphate. One tablespoon of the salt contains about 35g (grams) of magnesium sulphate, or roughly 4g of elemental magnesium. This is a very large amount, especially if you understand the daily recommended allowance is between 300 400 mg (milligrams) per day. Many people do not realize ingesting too much Epsom salt can result in death.


Epsom salts is also used as a Splinter Remover: If you soak in Epsom Salt, it
will draw out the splinter.

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