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Money Saving Tips

Invest this Saved Money Wisely and You could Generate Over $240,000.   If you would be wealthy, think of Saving, as well as getting - Benjamin Franklin   (6)  Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise   (7)  Which having no guide,...

4 Ways To Generate Money – You need 3 Kinds of Money and There Are Only 4 Ways To Generate it

How much Money Do You need? We all need:   Money for today – Money to meet our needs for Today.   Money for tomorrow – Money to meet our needs, tomorrow.   Money for a lifetime – Money we can comfortably retire with. Money which could last us a...

The Source of Wealth

The Source of Wealth   Is wealth a gift from God for only the ‘privileged’, or an opportunity available for all?  Does someone have to be gifted to be wealthy? Are the wealthy individuals endowed with special abilities to acquire wealth, which others are lacking?...

The 6 Powers of Money

The Powers of Money   Does Money have Power? Let me answer that question by asking you this question: Do you know how it feels not to have money? You feel as if you’re down in the dumps. You feel as if everything good is happening for others, but not for you. You...

The System of Money – Understanding the Cycle of Money

Understanding the System of Money                                 Do you know the ‘Distribution and flow of Money’ is governed or run by a System? Yes. There is a system which governs how much money is printed and distributed in the country, to facilitate exchange...

How To Make Money

Everyone should Learn How To Make Money.

The benefits of these Money-Making Ways is Generating Monthly, Recurring Income. Read More. 

How I left My Job with $4.69 in Savings & Started a Profitable Business in 3 Weeks

“How I left my Job…”

I worked at several companies during my life as an employee. This added up to over 38 years of working for others…read more 

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