6.  Respect God – common sense would tell us that God exists. I am not speaking about religion here. You only have to look at yourself, look at others, look around you, at nature, in the sky, in the sea…and you will see plain evidence that some intelligent being created all these things; including mankind (this means man and woman).


7.   Respect others / strangers – you could never tell who they are or their influence and position in society. This includes: neighbours, people who you don’t know and meet at the bank, grocery, store, on the streets…etc.

I remember, not too long ago, I went to the grocery to purchase some items; as myself and wife approached the counter to pay for the goods, the cashier continued to read the newspapers which she was reading (during working hours) before we reached the counter – ignoring us at the counter, as if we didn’t exist.


After about twenty-five (25) seconds, she slowly and lazily put down the newspapers she was reading, and cashed for our goods…With no apologies or common courtesy as ‘Good Afternoon’…no smile, just a glaring demonstration of a ‘don’t care’ attitude – Pure disrespect for us and contempt for her job.


Unfortunately, this terrible customer-service behaviour among workers is not an isolated event. It happens daily. Not just to us, but others also. I am sure you can attest to that.


Remember, you could never tell who the people are, that are shopping at the grocery, store, gas-station, etc. You don’t know their position, connections, influence or affluence. If you give people great customer service they will want to reward you in return with something good. And if they are in a position to help you get a better job – They will. Also, the manager or supervisor at your company will take notice at the good customer service you are consistently providing, and will more than likely promote you or give you a pay increase.


Show respect for others.


8.   Respect the Government of your land


The Government of your country are elected to serve you and the nation. Honour them. Respect them. Don’t say bad things about them. Don’t slander them. Pray for them. They are doing things to help improve the standard of living for the citizens of the country they govern.      


Here’s how you show respect for others.


  • You show respect for others: In your words     

          Words consist of:


  1. Actual words – the words you use in conversation. Do you use courteous, peaceful, encouraging, loving, constructive and kind words when you are speaking to others?


Show to others the same kind of courtesy you expect them to show to you. Speak to them the way you would want them to speak to you.

a.  Tone of Voice – how soft, harsh, rough, gentle, etc. the tone of your voice is when speaking to others. Keep a careful check on your tone of voice when you are speaking with others.

b.  Rate of speech – how fast or slow you speak. It has been said that if you mirror the rate of speech of the person you are speaking with, you tend to be more persuasive.


  • You show respect for others: Through your attitudes

What kind of attitude do you display toward others – Good or bad?


Attitudes can be determined in 2 ways:

  1. In the way you behave – Your Behaviour. The things you do or don’t do.
  2. In your body language – The way you stand or sit, your facial expressions, etc.

Do you display a don’t-care attitude with others, or do you show a caring behaviour when dealing with them?

Please remember, showing respect in the eight (8) areas I have outlined in this lesson would carry you forward. It would help you to achieve your goals in life, faster. It would leave a great legacy for you, your family name and your children to come. People would speak highly of you; with great regard for you. Respect would help you to find favour with others, as well, and also open doors for members of your family; they too, would benefit from the respect you show.

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