Discover the real truth about pornography:

By Roger Ali Bocus


porn will rob your time

Porn will rob you of precious Time

1. It steals your time – watching pornography robs you of time you could use elsewhere to do productive things, which would benefit you…it steals hours and hours of your time: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Take back your time. Stop this theft and thief.



thoughts2. It controls your thoughts – once you expose your eyes to this insatiable monster it would take control of your thoughts without your permission. Now every waking moment of the day you would be plagued with thoughts of nakedness – You would not even be able to look at someone without seeing them naked. You would have problems forming a healthy relationship, as such. It would affect all your conversation with others.


control you

Porn can control You

3. Watching pornography is allowing others To Control Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions…take back the controls of your life by dumping pornography. Don’t allow others to control you by appealing to your sex drive for their profits and gain. These people make millions and billions by controlling the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. They move you to do what they want you to do…what they expect you to do when you watch their filth. Be honest, and think about what you just read - Isn’t this true? Then do something to be freed from these chains that bind – that keep you imprisoned…longing to be free but don’t know how to.


empty feelings

Porn will leave you with Empty Feelings

4. Pornography would leave you with empty feelings after you have spilled your seed or had an orgasmic experience. It cannot truly fulfil you. It cannot give you sustained fulfilment. It is grabbing all your attention in one area of your life…leaving you neglecting the other significant elements which make life worthwhile, fulfilling and joyful. Don’t you want a worthwhile, fulfilling and joyful life?



drug addiction5. Pornography is having sex with yourself. It is a selfish experience. Sex was made to be enjoyed between two persons who love each other, and are fully committed to each other. It makes you hooked on pornography like a drug-addict is hooked on drugs. And this is ‘exactly’ what pornography is: It is a drug intended to destroy you – not build you. What does a drug-addict do to be free from his hideous habit? Can you use the same methods to be free from this debilitating habit of pornography, too?


lonely feelings

Porn will leave you with Lonely Feelings.

6. People who watch pornography are usually lonely persons. Use that time to form and make genuine friendships with others. Or, to take your focus off yourself by helping others in need…like volunteering your services to a home for the elderly, orphans, the abused…etc.



Porn can influence you to do bizarre things

7. Pornography has led its victims to committing child molestation, rape, bestiality and other bizarre acts. Will you be her next victim – will she lead you down the same path? You might think, not. You might say you would never do that – but so did others who have fell prey to her wishes. Do you still want to take that chance?



Porn will enslave you - Bringing you to your knees in Obeisance.

8. It will embarrass you…bringing you to your knees in obeisance - Taking away your substance internal and external. Haven’t you read and seen on the media how many of her followers she has openly humiliated – Presidents, Kings, Priests, Actors…and now, will it be you, too?


porn can affect your spirit

Porn can affect your spirit

9. Pornography affects your spirit. It is not just a fleshly experience, contrary to what many believe. It is a spiritual one, as well. There is an inspirational verse, which says, “He that is joined (sexually) to a harlot is one spirit.” This is why pornography is so binding – it is because you have become one spirit with its naked performers. Finally, when you come to your senses and try to be freed from this vampire – You feel totally helpless…and keep yielding your spirit, mind and body to this cruel creature – You have now become its slave. Oooooh! When will you be free?

Your first step to freedom is the earnest desire to be free. However, this article would be too long for me to go into all those details.

You can find such info. here, though: Click Here To Learn More!


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