How to use the Superscript or Subscript commands in your document



The Superscript and Subscript commands are found under the Home tab and in the Font Group. (See the diagrams below)

They look like this:

x2 – This stands for Subscript

x2 This stands for Superscript

how to use the superscript or subscript commands in word

It is very straightforward to use these commands:

Just select the text / numbers you want to apply these commands to and click the appropriate command.

For example: Let’s say I want to make the number 5 to the power of 8, here is how to do that

First, type the number 5 in your document, then click the superscript or x2 command in the Font Group, then type the number 8, and Word will make the number 8 a superscript.



See the diagrams below: To learn how to apply the Superscript and Subscript commands.


How to apply the Suberscript commands:

how to use the superscript or subscript command in word 2


How to apply the Subscript commands:

how to use the superscript or subscript commands in word 3


Please remember to deselect the command after using it or else all the letters or numbers you type after will be superscript. To do this, just click on the superscript command once again.

To apply the subscript or x2 command – just follow the steps above. The only difference is: You would selecting or applying the subscript (x2) command.

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