How to Insert Text

There are 2 basic reasons why one would want to insert text:

  1. To add to the text which is already on the document
  2. To replace text in your document


To insert or add text to your document, do this:

Click the area (place the insertion point) where you want to insert text.

Type the text you want to insert


insert text1


It’s as simple as that.


To insert and replace text in your document

Right-Click on the status bar at the bottom of your Word document

The Customize Status Bar dialog box will appear

Scroll down to the word ‘Overtype’ and left-click on it


insert text2


When you do an indicator will appear in your status bar, see the diagram below. Right now the indicator is set on ‘Insert’ mode


insert text3


Click the indicator for it to change to Overtype mode. See the diagram below.


insert text4


Then click the area where you want to replace existing text and type the words you want to replace it with.


insert text5


Please Note:  

There is another way you can insert and replace text in your document.

Click on the ‘File Tab’ on the ribbon

Scroll down to ‘Options’ and click on it


insert text6


The Word Options dialog box will appear

Click on the word ‘Advanced’


insert text7


Then Click in the small box to the left of the words ‘Use the Insert key to control the Overtype mode’


insert text8


You would be now able to insert and replace text using the ‘Insert’ key on your computer keyboard.

When you want to insert and replace text, you simply

Place the insertion point to the left of the text you want to replace

Press the ‘Insert’ key on your keyboard

Then type the text you want to replace the existing text with

When you are done, just press the ‘Insert’ key on your keyboard once again to return to normal. 

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