How to apply Conditional Formatting to a Range

With conditional formatting you can tell Excel to apply a certain type of formatting to specific cells based on a specific condition.

For instance, in the example below, I am telling Excel to apply a conditional formatting to any figure in my selected range which is over 150.00  – The conditional formatting I told Excel to apply is: To  all numbers which cross $150.00, to the color Red.

Let’s begin:

1.  Select the Range

2.  Click the Home tab

3.  Click the command ‘Conditional Formatting’ located under the ‘Home’ tab and ‘Styles’ Group (see diagram below)

4.  A drop down list of options will appear on the screen

5.  Scroll down to ‘Highlight Cells Rules’, then across to ‘Greater than…’, and Click on it.

How to apply a Conditional Format to a Range



6.  The ‘Greater than’ dialog box will appear on the screen apply the conditions you want (see the diagrams below for more info.). I give Excel the conditional formatting command to turn to the color red, all the numbers in the selected range below, which is above 150.00

How to apply a Conditional Format to a Range 2


7.  Click the ‘OK’ button

How to apply a Conditional Format to a Range 4


Excel would have performed the conditions for you.

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