Whenever any form of life enters into this world it always does so with a built-in purpose – a predestined purpose. Everything in life has a purpose. They were created to serve a specific purpose.


For example, a tomato tree was predestined to only produce tomatoes, a coconut tree was created to only give coconuts, a mango tree was designed to only yield mangoes, and I could go on and on with every other living and inanimate thing in this world. But this is not only true of nature; it is also true of human beings. You and I were also made to serve a specific purpose, but though that is true, that purpose is not automatically revealed to us. It has to be discovered, nurtured, developed and used or released to truly impact upon the world.


You too, were made the serve a specific purpose in life.




  • How do you discover your purpose?
  • What do you do after you have discovered your purpose?
  • How do you fulfill your purpose in life?


The Purpose of Life - Discover Your Purpose for Living

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