This is a 8-Weeks WordPress course like no other. In it you will not get bogged down with irrelevant information that you will not put to use. Instead we will cover, step-by-step, everything you need to do to go from no site at all (not even a domain name) to a fully functioning WordPress website or blog that is as awesome as you are!

Short, to the point video instruction will walk you through each step:

  • How and where to buy a domain name.
  • How and where to get the right hosting for your needs.
  • How to change nameservers so everything points to the right place (don’t worry, just follow through the example and you will do this with ease)
  • How to install WordPress (in under a minute and with just a few clicks of your mouse).
  • How to log in to your new WordPress website and begin making changes.
  • How to change essential WordPress settings (just the ones you need to know).
  • How to install and activate a new theme.
  • The best places to purchase Premium WordPress themes.
  • How to install and activate Plugins on your WordPress website or blog.
  • How to Create and edit posts.
  • How to create and edit pages.
  • How to create menus on your new website.
  • How to work with images.
  • How to create links.
  • How to work with widgets, and add cool functionality to your site.
  • How to embed video on your website (the best way).
  • Plus more cool stuff…

Go from WordPress Zero to WordPress Hero in super fast time.

  • Use your new know-how to build your own website or blog.
  • Set up a web design business and charge others to do it for them.


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